Avon by-the-Sea Environmental Commission

Mission Statement:

The Avon By the Sea Environmental Commission is a group of volunteers, appointed by the Borough Board of Commissioners to help conserve the community’s environment. Working with Borough officials, community organizations and residents, the Environmental Commission seeks to promote programs that conserve resources, foster a better understanding of our environment and stimulate interest in protecting the environment.

The Environmental Commission was created by ordinance in December,1992. Regular public meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Building.

Environmental Commission Members:

  • Edward Bonanno, Chair
  • Alex Devoy
  • Vade Hanlon
  • Meghan Page
  • Jack Ryan
  • Robert Bongiorno
  • Sandra Lavallee McLaughlin
  • John Kennedy
  • Billy Bing
  • John Reilly
  • Scott Sperduto