Avon Environmental Commission Projects

Sylvan Lake Dredging and Restoration

In conjunction with the Sylvan Lake Commission, the Avon Environmental Commission is working with local officials to dredge and restore the Lake to reduce the risk of flooding that it poses to the surrounding community and to make it a resource that can truly be enjoyed for boating and fishing and can sustain a healthy variety of local wildlife.


The AEC is working with Borough officials to place recycling containers alongside garbage cans on Main Street and at the Avon School and to improve public awareness of the need to and how to recycle. For more information on recycling, solid waste and hazardous materials, Click Here.

Clean Ups:

The AEC participates in semi-annual Sylvan Lake Clean up with the Sylvan Lake Commission.

Student Awards:

Each year, at the Avon Elementary School graduation, the AEC presents an award to the 8th grade graduate with highest average in science