Avon School Celebrates Earth Day

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On Earth Day, last Wednesday, April 22, Avon Elementary School First and Eighth Grader Students displayed their commitment to the environment at an event sponsored by the School and the Avon Environmental Commission. The First Graders, donning greenery crowns, recited and acted out a poem that the class had prepared about the importance of trees to the ecology. With synchronized gestures, they enthusiastically read the following poem two times:

I’m a young, tiny tree

I want to be all I can be

I need sun, water

And fresh clean air.

When I grow up big

I will do my share.

But while I am little

I need tender care–

Be good to me

Because I’m a little tree.


I’m a tall, grown up tree.

I’m very proud, as you can see.

I’ll give you shade

On a summers’ day

And places for squirrels

And birds to stay

And limbs for good climbing,

So come here and play–

Come play on me

Because I’m a big tree!

–Thomas Moore


The Avon Environmental Commission gave each of the children a small potted red bud tree to plant at home, T-shirts from the Commission, a children’s book about Earth Day, a picture of a full grown red bud tree and conservation stickers. The Eighth graders prepared individual booklets on how to care for these trees for each student.

The event was held on the steps of the school at the end of the School day and many parents and family members attended as well as the Avon School Superintendent  Christopher Abrizio, First Grade Teacher Teri Cioffi, and school staff and Environmental Commission Chair Ed Bonanno and members Sandra McLaughlin and Meghan Page.

The Next event that the Environmental Commission is planning is the spring Sylvan Lake Clean up, which it co-sponsors with the Sylvan Lake Commission. The Clean up will be on Sunday May 31 at 11 AM and will start at the parking lot on the East end of the Lake


This article was written by Alex